Our Story

Founded in Los Angeles in 2012 winter by a young Trojan couple, Alfred Wu and Daisy Lu (both University of Southern California Master Graduates), the company AWDL has the mission and the vision to bring in the state-of-the-art technologies to make the human lives much more convenient without increasing any carbon dioxide footprints. "GO GREEN!!" Alfred says, "is our slogan, and not only our employees but everybody on earth should always keep in mind and execute it without a doubt."

Their story all started in 2012 summer during a trip back to Asia. Alfred and Daisy one day saw a lock which can be managed with a remote control, they looked at each other and said, "Why do people want to carry extra things like a remote control and a string of keys to access a door? Why can't people just use what they have already carried daily, like a SmartPhone, to open or lock the door?" After returning to the US, with intensive online researches and the talks with the domain expertise, they both nodded the head and said, "Yes, we found it. This is our great opportunity!"

The company AWDL stands for Automated Wireless Digital Locks and, of course, it is not difficult to associate it with the acronym of Alfred Wu and Daisy Lu's initials. If you find their website and/or products appealing, AWDL cordially welcome you to be their partners.


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