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34 years old


Irvine, California, USA

My house was broken into last year when my family and I were vacationing in Hawaii. Homeowners insurance was able to cover and replace most of the stolen items, but that dreaded feeling of being violated and unsafe doesn't go away. That being said, I've been on a quest for finding a serious solution that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

People don't realize how easy it is to break into a traditional lock. Do yourself a favor and search the web for 'bump key' or watch this video,

I wanted a lock that was hidden from the outside. I wanted to be able to control the lock wirelessly and securely. The lock needed to be reasonably priced, and easy to install. And it should look good-- The uLock exceeded all my needs.

The unit works perfectly and is an extremely high quality unit. Install was relatively easy. One feature I really appreciate is the secondary remote. I have had times where my phone has run out of batteries after a long day at work. The secondary remote is a simple backup.

Bottom line -- if you're serious about protecting your house, I highly recommend this unit.

Armen Nalbandian

57 years old


Yerevan, Armenia

Կողպեքը շատ հեշտ է օգտագործել. Օգտագործելով Bluetooth դա շատ հարմար է

եւ անվտանգ առանձնահատկություն. Այդ հեռախոսի ծրագիրը (APP) շատ հեշտ է

եւ պարզ օգտագործման համար.Նախագծման կողպեքը շատ ժամանակակից եւ դիմացկուն է եւ լավհամապատասխանում իմ տանը.

The ulock is very easy to use. Using the Bluetooth feature is very convenient and safe. The phone APP is also very easy and simple to use. The uLock is very modern and robust design and is good match with my house.

Aria Ahmadi

42 years old

Software Engineer

Nuremberg, Germany

uLock ist einer der schönsten Gadgets auf dem Markt. Ich mag die Tatsache, dass ich nicht mehr einen beliebigen Schlüssel mit mir herumtragen muss. Nun trage ich mein Handy und das ist genug, um meine Wohnungstür mit Bluetooth Technologie zu öffnen.

Mittlerweile sind die Kosten im Vergleich zu den anderen Schlössern auf dem Markt wettbewerbsfähig. Außerdem bietet es mehr Sicherheit und Komfort, da es unsichtbar von außen ist.

Die iPhone-Anwendung ist sehr einfach zu bedienen. Vor allem das schlichte Design von uLock passt zu jeder Home- dekoration, und ich liebe es einfach.

uLock is one of the most amazing gadgets in the market. I like the fact that I don’t have to carry any key with me anymore. Well, I carry my phone and that’s enough to open up my home door using Bluetooth technology. Meanwhile I think the cost is competitive to the other locks in the market, but it provides more security and convenience compare to those as it is invisible to the outside. The iPhone application is very simple to use. Above all its simple design can go with any home decoration, and I love it.

Georgy Medvedev

53 years old


St. Petersburg, Russia

Нам больше не приходится повсюду носить с собой ключи, и мы можем открыть замок одним из наших телефонов - которые всегда с нами. Уверяю Вас, что я скорее потеряю ключи, чем мой телфон!

Замок хорошо выглидит внутри дома, а снаружи его не видно, что просто здорово. Поставить замок также просто, как и обыкновенный замок, и мы это смогли сделать сами и без проблем. Мы синхронизировали замок с телефоном, и все сработало, как по маслу! Мне нравится, что мне больше не приходится рыться в сумке в поисках ключей, и я могу открыть дверь на расстоянии.

Пока что мы купили лишь один, но подумываем о таком замке и для второй двери, так как замок нам очень подходит, да и цена подходящая.

The uLock has been a great lock for our home. We really love the fact that we don’t need to carry keys around anymore and can open the lock with one of our phones – which we always have handy. I can tell you that I am much more likely to lose my keys that I am to lose my phone.

It looks really good in the door and from outside the house it is not visible, which we think is great. Installation was as easy as installing a keyed lock, and we were able to finish it without any problem. The iPhone app made it easy for us to sync our phones up to the lock, and it works like a charm. I really like the fact that I can open the door with my phone before I get to it, no more fumbling for my keys at the door.

So far we’ve bought one uLock, but now we’re thinking about buying another one for the rear door in the house based on how well this one has worked for us – it's well worth the price that we paid for it.

Vanessa Duran

25 yrs old


San Salvador, El Salvador

uLock es un sistema revolucionario que me encanta por lo práctico que es. Permite al consumidor preocuparse por una cosa menos que cargar en el día a día. Se pueden llevar todas las llaves en uso en el celular, pero con la seguridad de que se tiene un repuesto en caso de emergencia (ya sea el control remoto incluido o un celular adicional). También aprecio el hecho de que el cerrojo de mi puerta está 'escondido' gracias al creativo diseño uLock. Estos son los cerrojos del futuro. ¡Bien hecho, AWDL!

uLock is a revolutionary system which I mainly enjoy for its practicality! It allows the consumer to have one less thing to carry (and care for) everyday. You can hold every single key you need in your cell phone but knowing that you can always have a backup for emergencies (either the controller or another phone). I also appreciate the fact that my door lock is nicely 'concealed' by the creative design for the actual lock. These are the door locks of the future. Well done, AWDL!

Dr. Andres Flinn

46 yrs old


Portland, Oregon, USA

Many times in the past I forgot my keys and was unable to get into my house, having to wait for someone else to come home. uLock has fixed this problem. I always carry my phone and so am able to always unlock the door. I am also renting a room in my house, and when my last tenant left, I just reset the passcode. I didn’t have to go spend the time or money to change the locks. Thanks uLock for making life easier!

Yukako Matsumoto

Age: 32


Kobe, Japan


The uLock provides an innovative, convenient and reliable way to secure my home. It's very cool working with the cutting-edge technology of pairing the entry door's uLock to my phone via a secure Bluetooth connection and I love being able to use my phone, to which I'm permanently attached, to open my home door instead of having to carry around keys. It makes opening my entry door easy and gives me a sense of security beyond using a standard lock and key. I like being able to confirm the locked/unlocked status of the door without physically checking the lock itself, and being able to "change the locks" so efficiently. Awesome product!

Krupa Panchmatiya Kuruvilla

Age: 27

Elementary School Instructor

Mumbai, India

मेरे ख्याल से यह काफी सुरक्षित है क्योंकि बाहर दरवाज़े में यह ताला कहाँ छिपा हुआ हैं इसका कोई स्पष्ट संकेत नहीं हैं। यह इस्तमाल करने में बहुत ही आसान हैं और मुझे हर जगह चाबियों का गुच्छा लेकर जाने की ज़रुरत नहीं हैं। मेरे पर्स / हैंडबैग में अपनी चाबी के लिए शिकार करने का समय बचाता है, और वैसे भी हर व्यक्ति आजकल अपने फोन पर ही रहता हैं तोह इस तरह वह फोन एक और समारोह करेगा। मैंने इस ताले के लिए जितना पैसा दिया उस हिसाब से यह बहुत ही कुशल हैं।

I think this lock is pretty secure considering there is no clear indication on the outside of where the lock is hidden in the door. This not only eliminates the need for me to carry a bunch of different keys everywhere I go, it saves me a lot of time hunting for my keys in the purse/handbag; and considering that almost everybody is on their phones nowadays here's just one more function it will perform. Along with being adequately priced these locks rank high on efficiency and performance.


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