Limited Warranty

AWDL Inc., the "Warrantor", extends the following LIMITED WARRANTY to the original purchaser of uLock® and its series (herein the "uLock"):


AWDL Inc. warrants to the original purchaser of the uLock(s) manufactured by it to be free of defects in material and workmanship as long as the purchaser occupies where the uLock was originally installed. If, after initial installation of the uLock(s), any of the parts or the finish should become defective, the Warrantor will repair or replace the uLock(s), in accordance with this Limited Warranty.

  • The warranty on the returns with full refunds is SEVEN (7) DAYS from the date of receipt.
  • The warranty on the exchanges is FIFTEEN (15) DAYS from the date of receipt.
  • The warranty on any electronic component or mechanical part of the uLock, is ONE (1) YEAR from the date of receipt.
  • The warranty on the replacement uLock will be limited to the unexpired term of the original warranty.


This Limited Warranty shall apply only when the uLock is properly installed in accordance with local codes, ordinances and regulations, the printed instructions provided with it and good industry practices. THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER defects caused by: modification, alteration, repair or service of the uLock by anyone other than the Warrantor or an authorized designee of the Warrantor; physical abuse to, or misuse of, the uLock or operation of it in a manner contrary to the accompanying instructions; improper installation; acts of God; fire; flood; casualty; failure to exercise normal maintenance; for the consequences of uses for which uLocks were not designed or designated, or for defects caused by the use of paints, solvents or other chemicals which come in contact with the uLock. THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER scratches or abrasions. THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER damages on any of the following items: uLock Cover, Turning Base, Turning Shaft and Strike Plate Cover. THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT APPLY to uLocks if the warranty seal is damaged or broken. THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT APPLY to uLocks or component parts of uLocks that were not originally manufactured by the Warrantor. THIS WARRANTY SHALL NOT APPLY TO SUBSEQUENT OWNERS.


Under this Limited Warranty the Warrantor will provide only a replacement or repaired uLock or a part of it. The original purchaser is responsible to pay shipping fee for the uLock(s) returned to the Warrantor's Customer Service Department. The Warrantor will ship replacement parts under this Limited Warranty at its expense by surface transportation only. Any special handling, express or expedited service or different method of transportation shall only be provided at the request and expense of the purchaser of the uLock(s). However, if the Warrantor determines that a uLock does not qualify for repair or replacement under the applicable Limited Warranty, the Warrantor will notify the purchaser of the estimated costs of repair or replacement and obtain the purchaser's authorization and agreement to pay actual repair or replacement costs before proceeding with non-warranty repair or replacement. The Warrantor shall have no liability to pay any costs for repairs performed by anyone other than the Warrantor or its designee, unless in each instance the Warrantor has given written approval for such repair. The Warrantor shall not be responsible for any costs incurred for the removal or reinstallation of uLock(s) covered by this Limited Warranty. If a uLock malfunctions during the warranty period and cause that the door or decoration must be destroyed, after the defect is determined not to be man-made and the uLock is in accordance with this Limited Warranty, the Warrantor will be liable to cover a portion of the destruction and loss, up to $100 USD.


To obtain performance of any obligation under this Limited Warranty, you must first contact the Warrantor's Customer Service Email at

  • You will need to provide the reason of your return, exchange or repair request, the warranty card and the original proof of purchase.
  • A RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number will be issued to you via email and you will have 10 days to return the uLock to us. One RMA is issued per one uLock.
  • Visit the Warrantor's website at and download the RMA form. Fill out the form with the RMA number you were given.
  • If the door or decoration had to be destroyed due to the defect of the uLock during the warranty period, please take photos of before and after the destruction, and send them along with the RMA form.
  • Please allow 5-7 business days to process your RMA after receipt of the uLock.
  • The Warrantor will only honor replacement with an identical uLock or parts of it which are manufactured or distributed by the Warrantor.


There are no warranties that extend beyond the description on the face of this document. No other express warranty has been made or will be made on behalf of the Warrantor with respect to the uLock or the installation, operation, repair or replacement of the uLock. The maximum liability of the Warrantor hereunder is limited to the purchase price of the uLock. Under no circumstances shall the Warrantor be liable to purchaser or any other person for any special or consequential damages, whether arising out of tort, breach of warranty, breach of contract or otherwise. In case of dispute, the Warrantor reserves the right of final decision on the interpretation of this Limited Warranty. The Warrantor reserves the right to update or modify this Limited Warranty at any time without prior notice in its sole discretion. Such revisions shall be effective immediately upon notice thereof, and any such notice may be given through any means, including, but not limited to, posting of the revised Limited Warranty on It is your responsibility to review the revisions and modifications that may affect your rights or obligations hereunder. You agree that you shall be bound by any such modifications to this Limited Warranty.

For the PDF version of this warranty statement, please download here.


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